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Ruth Lor Malloy - Author China Guide
- Travel Writer and Photographer -

The diversity of this world is both a blessing and a curse. The beauty of some cultures can bring people together in mutual appreciation. The ugliness in some cultures can divide and destroy us.
The aim of this web-site is to highlight the differences that will help improve the lives of all of us. It will try to list possible opportunities for you to experience the best of the world’s diverse cultures.
Ruth is a prize-winning photographer. She recently won gold and silver in the annual Bill Muster Showcase of the prestigious Society of American Travel Writers. She has also won two Honourable Mentions in HeresHow magazine photo contests.
Ruth has also published photographic tours of Botswana, Mongolia, The World in Toronto, Toronto's Many Chinatowns, the Calgary Stampede, and Quebec’s amazing winter carnival. These are available through, a company that produces tours that can be downloaded to handheld devices and computers so travelers can see in 75 to 90 of her photos what to expect in their travels.
She currently is focused on producing a calendar of free or almost free ethic events in Toronto, a blog and a web-site: . She hopes to encourage Torontonians to experience and appreciate each other's events.
A list of her publications and museum efforts follow:

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You can view all four prize-winning photos in the little slide show below. 

Ruth Lor Malloy is the author of China Guide and
the e-book Ruth Lor Malloy’s Beijing

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