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Current Web-site and Blog: , a calendar of free or almost-free ethnic events in Toronto; , what to expect when you visit festivals, events, and buildings of Toronto's many cultures.

Ruth Lor Malloy's Beijing - A travel writer's guide to one of her favorite cities. 
Is now available in e-Book format sent to your computer or on a CD sent to your office or home address.
L&G Tourism Development Corporation Editor and Publisher.

13 Editions of a guidebook on travel to China from 1973 to 1999, each an update of the previous one.  The first was  A Guide to the People's Republic of China for Travelers of Chinese Ancestry,  Those titled Fielding's People's Republic of China were published for 1987 to 1993 by William Morrow and Co., New York.  Here 1994, 1996, 1999 editions know as China Guide, were published by Open Road Publishing, New York, N.Y., She is currently working on a 2001 edition for Open Road Publishing.

Beyond the Heights, a Chinese-Canadian novel, Heinmann (Asia), Hong Kong 1980

Post Guide Hong Kong, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, 1983

Gems and Jewelry in Hong Kong, A Buyer's Guide and Hong Kong Gems and Jewelry, published by the South China Morning Post and Delta Dragon, Hong Kong, 1984 and 1986 (With Joan Reid Ahrens, G.G.)

On Leaving Bai Di Cheng, The Cultures of the Yangzi Gorges. JC Press, Toronto, 1993 (with Robert Shipley, Carloline Walker and Fu Kai Lin)

Hong Kong and Macau Guide, Open Road Publishing. New York October, 1994 (with Linda Jo Malloy)

Hijas: Who We Are  Meena Balaji and other Eunuchs (as told to) Think Asia 1997 .  Kamal Dahalla, editor and consultant

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