Hijras Who We Are


Hijras: Who We Are  by Meena Balaji and 
other Eunuchs as told to Ruth Lor Malloy. 

Excerpt: First the neophyte is undressed and washed with yellow turmeric paste and given what she wants to eat.  "Do you want to become a woman?" the senior hijras or daima asks her. What man do you want to sleep with?" Then the daima ties a string tightly around the organ.....

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Books have been written about India's unique hijra or eunuch cult but never from the point of view of these secretive and shy people.  Hijras worship a Mother Goddess who demands infertility of her followers. 

In return disciples believe she gives them the power to bless and curse.
Find out all about the 200,000 Indian eunuchs 
living in India who are neither female or male.

Why do they want to be Hijras, how do they live, how do they feel, what is it like to be castrated, how do they want to be addressed, what is their religion....????

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