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My father was born in China but emigrated to Canada as a boy.

My mother was born in Canada but is also of Chinese ancestry.

I was brought up in Canada caught between these two cultures, a conflict which was not really resolved until after my first trip to Asia in 1960 when I fell profoundly in love with the place.

My aim is to help people understand, enjoy and learn from worlds outside of their own..

I was born in Brockville, Ontario into a Chinese restaurant family. Whenever we traveled, our mother wanted to try out new restaurants for ideas to improve ours. So I started reviewing restaurants while very young.

At college, I found that the people who had traveled usually won the arguments so after I graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.A. in psychology and a degree in social work, I wanted to see the world, to continue learning, and to help make life easier for others.  I consider myself very fortunate for having been able to do so.

I took part in voluntary work camps organized by religious groups in Japan, Mexico, Brazil,  and the Canadian Arctic. From an office in Delhi, India, I helped to organize seminars aimed at mutual understanding among youth leaders and diplomats.  I did promotion for a relief agency in Taiwan, and was a social worker and human rights researcher in Toronto, Ontario. I tried professionally to aid dependant children in Sudbury, Ontario, and organized vacation Bible schools in Saskatchewan, Canada.

As a writer, I have freelanced for the Globe and Mail, Asian Wall Street Journal, and Copley News Service from the Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. I had a travel column in the Asia Mail and started a newsletter on travel in China. I have published a novel on China, guides books on Hong Kong, and ghost-written a book on Hijras in Mumbai. I also helped to write a guide book in Almaty, Kazakstan.

I first visited China in 1965, just before the Cultural Revolution. During a visit in 1972, the year of President Nixon's historic visit, I found myself giving travel advice to everybody in my hotel. There were no guide books on China then. So I wrote one.

Fortunately William Morrow wanted to publish it, and for a while, my updates were under its famous Fielding name.  They are now published by Open Road Publishing in New York and if you count all the various editions, 1999's is the 13th.

My life centres around my family as well as China. My husband was a journalist in New Delhi when we met. He is now retired and studying archaeology, spending recent summers digging on a Nabataean site in Jordan and this summer in China.

Our daughter Linda helps with my books.  I have also been active with the American Friends Service Committee and the Society of American Travel Writers. I enjoy taking people to China, seeing their reactions, and just having fun. I have escorted China tours for travel organizers like Concepts East, Distant Horizons, and IST. I have also collected Chinese textiles for two Toronto museums.

In 2009, I photographed and wrote a visual travel guide about multicultural Toronto for Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. I enjoyed researching this so much, I wrote a second such guide on Toronto's Many Chinatowns. By then I was hooked on exploring the many facets of my wonderful home city. I started to compile a calendar, blog and Twitter about its many free or almost-free ethnic events. I hope to encourage Torontonians to enjoy the festivals, events, and buildings of their neighbours of other cultures.

I hope too to inspire bloggers in other multicultural cities around the world to do the same.

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